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This site is a test bed for everything I learn and is mostly for my own benefit. As such it may be down from time to time and is subject to frequent changes.

My passions include Slackware Linux, Coldfusion, Railo, JQuery, MS SQL Server and MySQL. You will often see me deep into the latest publication of a web design magazine or a man printout.

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Disable compatibility mode on Internet Explorer from your web server

Published: Sep 9, 2014

Internet explorer's compatibility mode is a pain in the ass. Fortunately it is possible to disable it from the server side if you need to. ...more

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Using the HAVING clause to filter aggregate columns

Published: Sep 2, 2014

The best way to filter aggregate data columns is to use the "HAVING" clause in place of the "WHERE" clause for filtering aggregate columns. ...more

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Whats the point

Published: Aug 7, 2014

This is not the blog post I intended to write. ...more

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You must be an administrator to delete this folder work around for windows

Published: Jul 15, 2014

Have you ever tried to delete a directory on windows or windows server and been blocked by the message that you must be an administrator to change this directory. I normally get around this by using "rmdir" from the command prompt. ...more

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Share the love, even if it's just a blog post

Published: Jun 10, 2014

Whenever I reuse code from the internet I like to share the love. ...more

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How to trigger a bound cfselect refresh

Published: Jun 3, 2014

Don't use cfselect if you can, but if you have no choice and need it to refresh on a bound element change this solution should have you covered. ...more

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Please donate to a good cause

Published: Jun 2, 2014

Please donate to help out an wonderful lady having to deal with the big C without insurance ...more

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Catching errors in cfexecute

Published: May 13, 2014

A gotcha of cfexecute is that it ignores anything sent to standard error by the called process. To get around it you need to use the errorVariable attribute to detect any errors in it. ...more

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