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This site is a test bed for everything I learn and is mostly for my own benefit. As such it may be down from time to time and is subject to frequent changes.

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Senior Developers vs Master Developers

Published: Jan 31, 2023

We need to do away with the term senior developer in the software industry. Here is why I propose we start using the term Master Developer. ...more

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Rerunnable data update scripts for Microsoft SQL Server

Published: Oct 18, 2022

We can implement a SQL Server equivalent of MySQL/MariaDB's "INSERT IGNORE" using MERGE INTO as follows... ...more

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Rerunnable Data Update Scripts for MySQL/MariaDB

Published: Oct 11, 2022

Using the INSERT IGNORE statement you can easily manage reference table's data using re-runnable sql scripts. ...more

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Preventing Windows Ubuntu Dual Boot Superblock Corruption

Published: Apr 12, 2022

Whenever I switch to ubuntu from windows on my dual boot system I get an error that the superblock is corrupt and I cannot load ubuntu until I fix the corruption using the command line. The issue appears to be windows messing from the ext4 partition. ...more

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Resolving directory lookup error on SQLServer backup restore

Published: Apr 6, 2021

Restoring a SQL Server database to a new server with a different file system structure can result in a Directory Lookup error since SQL Server makes assumptions about file locations. Fortunately there is a simple solution by using 'WITH MOVE' ...more

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  • New blog entry: "Senior Developers vs Master Developers" #Opinion
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  • New blog entry: "Rerunnable data update scripts for Microsoft SQL Server" #SQLServer