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This site is a test bed for everything I learn and is mostly for my own benefit. As such it may be down from time to time and is subject to frequent changes.

My passions include Slackware Linux, Coldfusion, Railo, JQuery, MS SQL Server and MySQL. You will often see me deep into the latest publication of a web design magazine or a man printout.

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Selectively turn off coldfusion's debug output on ajax requests

Published: Mar 24, 2015

When using ColdFusion's request debugging output it can be necessary to selectively turn this off when making ajax requests. ...more

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Dynamically Appending A Column To A Query In ColdFusion

Published: Mar 17, 2015

How do you add an extra column to an existing query in ColdFusion. ...more

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Populate a many-to-many relationship table with all possible combinations

Published: Jan 20, 2015

Sometimes when you are working with databases it is faster to add everything and remove selected data than it is to just add in what you need. Once such example is populating a many-to-many relationship table. ...more

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Started a new project, goes into production in 9 months

Published: Oct 16, 2014

I just got confirmation a few minutes ago that the first test case was accurate. The little project my fiance and I started will indeed go into production in 9 months. ...more

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Vote for Railo on Bitnami

Published: Oct 2, 2014

Please vote to get Railo added to Bitnami. ...more

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Value Add

Published: Sep 30, 2014

Thought of the day. Adding value to a system. ...more

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Return multiple resultsets using cfstoredproc

Published: Sep 23, 2014

So last week I found out that returning multiple resultsets to coldfusion from a stored procedure call is a simple matter of adding extra cfprocresult arguments to the cfstoredproc call. ...more

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Conditional counting and summing in sql

Published: Sep 16, 2014

In continuation of my previous post on filtering aggregate columns I thought today I would demonstrate two simple ways to do conditional data aggregation. ...more

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