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February - 2023
A prototype is not a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
October - 2022
Rerunnable data update scripts for Microsoft SQL Server
Rerunnable Data Update Scripts for MySQL/MariaDB
March - 2021
New Year - New Server - New Direction?
August - 2020
Populating a database column with an incrementing value
You can sort on columns by their column number
Delete duplicates but keep first record
Get the most recent entry for each group in sql server
May - 2020
You don't need to make everything an object
GitKraken hook fails with error NPX does not exist in path
Testing SQL with transactions
AWS Console Change Password Screen Should Display Policy
March - 2020
Blog update 2020
January - 2019
Upgrade subversion on ubuntu 18.04 beyond 1.9
July - 2016
CFML 2016 Survey Results
Please help me out by taking this survey
February - 2016
How to Clear ColdFusion's Class File Cache
June - 2015
JQuery .not() is not the opposite of .is()
April - 2015
This is not the blog post you are looking for
Wrapping list elements with single quotes in cfml
Lucee looks to be heading for the rocks at full speed
Changing Railo JVM Memory Settings
January - 2015
Populate a many-to-many relationship table with all possible combinations
September - 2014
Value Add
Return multiple resultsets using cfstoredproc
Conditional counting and summing in sql
Disable compatibility mode on Internet Explorer from your web server
Using the HAVING clause to filter aggregate columns
July - 2014
You must be an administrator to delete this folder work around for windows
May - 2014
Catching errors in cfexecute
March - 2014
Dear Random LinkedIn Recruiter
Posting to twitter from ColdFusion with Twitter4j v3.0.x
January - 2014
Hyperlink name attribute removed from html5
JavaScript isNumeric()
ColdFusion 10 supports colon separator in implicit struct definition
Some of my thoughts on belief
When to use cffinally
Apache 2.4.7 windows install no listening sockets available
Happy new year 2014
November - 2013
Forget the complicated stuff, learn the basics first!
June - 2013
Turn off firefox caching when doing JavaScript development
April - 2013
Create A Unique Filename When Moving With CFFile
500 Error when submitting large forms in ColdFusion
“ASN1 bad tag value met” error when installing a ssl cert in IIS 7
Dynamic Sorting In SQL Server TSQL Stored Procedures
Be Happy, enjoy life, be with those you love.
February - 2013
Using setInterval() / setTimeout() with function prototyping.
ColdFusion 101 - CFParam
December - 2012
Enhanced Railo CFDump
Android Emulator Can't Find AVD On D Drive
Using A Conditional Join To Flag Group Membership
Dont Personalize My Search
Forward The Root Users Email On Linux
October - 2012
Madrid On The Brink
Hosting Subversion XSLT Styling Files From A Repository
What If Tomorrow You Had No Money
Dedicated Subversion Virtual Host
August - 2012
Reading A Remote File With CFHTTP Using Railo And ColdFusion
Site Update Aug 2012
Cynicism vs The Irish Spirit
Calculating The Weeks Of A Month With ColdFusion
Are We Being Chemically Dumbed Down?
Subversion Per Repository Access Control
Crash Course In MVC With FW1
Debt Bomb, Debt Bomb, You're A Debt Bomb
June - 2012
Technical Tuesdays & Thinking Thursdays
How To Switch Between CF Instances With Sticky Sessions
SQLServer JDBC Driver Unsupported Data Conversion
The Greatest Speech Ever Made
Think For Yourself
Configure Eclipse To Use A Newer Version Of ANT
How To Install ANT on Windows
April - 2012
Getting The Ordinal Suffix Of A Number Using ColdFusion
How To Create And Install A Self Signed SSL Cert With IIS7
Fix InvalidTag When Saving Code Through A Coldfusion CMS
(Re)Installing Java on Slackware Linux
Site Redesign Live
February - 2012
Hotspot Ireland
Exponential Growth
Configuring And Using Perl CPAN On Slackware
Choose Your Leaders With Wisdom And Forethought
December - 2011
Democracy And Conspiracy Theorists
Using Database Side Paging With CFGrid
Creating a Foreign Key in MySQL
Dynamic Paging In SQL Server Stored Procedures
September - 2011
Using Mod_Rewrite To Make A SEO Friendly Site Redirect
July - 2011
Set Session Cookies as HTTPOnly in Coldfusion / Railo
ColdFusion CFForm DateField Validation
What Are You Going To Do About It
Getting and Using ColdFusions Underlying Java Classes
Using Java To Rename Columns In A ColdFusion Query Object
May - 2011
Why ColdFusion Needs Apps and How To Get Them
Installing Railo with Resin on Slackware 13
March - 2011
Getting Fusebox 3 to work with IIS6 Virtual Directories
Securing the Coldfusion/Railo Administrator in Apache
Securing SSH on Slackware
We Need To Reboot
Styling a Sitemap Using XSL and Coldfusion
Creating a Dynamic Sitemap Using Coldfusion
January - 2011
CF7 Verisign SSL Update Causing PayPal Connection Failure
Database Design 101
Date Math in SQL Server for CFGRID
Enabling Gzip Compression On IIS 6
November - 2010
Styling Subversion with XSLT
Configure apache for multiple svn repositories
Why You Should Use Source Control
Compile CFML to Java Bytecode plus Fusebox Fix
September - 2010
Upgrading the JRE used by Coldfusion
Project Buff
Migrating SSL Cert from IIS to Apache
Speeding Up Your Site
First Entry
January - 2023
Senior Developers vs Master Developers
April - 2022
Preventing Windows Ubuntu Dual Boot Superblock Corruption
Resolving directory lookup error on SQLServer backup restore
September - 2020
Add a JQuery Validate rule for No Date Greater Than Today
June - 2020
Make jquery validate remote calls optional
We Have Replaced Everything
April - 2020
How to configure your default cfengine on commandbox
Add comma's to number in javascript
Delete from a table where a matching value exists in another
Remember != does not return nulls
April - 2019
Ubuntu snap app (GitKraken) see directory outside home
Taking over as FW/1 maintainer and frameworks future
May - 2017
Continue a jquery interrupted form submit
June - 2016
Going modular with FW/1 subsystems 2.0
January - 2016
Switching the database name referenced in a sql server script
Beware ColdFusion duplicate() function makes deep copies
May - 2015
Thoughts on CFML after DevObjective
March - 2015
Stubbing console for older versions of Internet Explorer
Selectively turn off coldfusion's debug output on ajax requests
Dynamically Appending A Column To A Query In ColdFusion
October - 2014
Started a new project, goes into production in 9 months
Vote for Railo on Bitnami
August - 2014
Whats the point
June - 2014
Share the love, even if it's just a blog post
How to trigger a bound cfselect refresh
Please donate to a good cause
April - 2014
Change an objects schema in SQL Server
Error cannot delete eclipse.exe when upgrading eclipse
Fun with Adobe ColdFusion and REST or cfhttp still doesn't support PATCH
February - 2014
Manually Create A ColdSpring Remote Proxy With FW/1
Transfer files to and from linux using secure copy (scp)
Why knot
Install KeePass on Slackware 14
December - 2013
Configuring MariaDB on Slackware 14.1
Feature idea for ColdFusion
Changing the keyboard layout in KDE
Charting and captcha tags do not work on new ColdFusion 10 install
Slackware 14 NetworkManager
Quickly empty ColdFusion's undelivered mail queue
Update slackware packages with Slackpkg
Matt Damon - Obedience
Going back to linux
October - 2013
Change the port number FusionReactor 5 Administrator listens on
Summing Columns Based On Adjacent Values in Excel
Difference between $A$1 and A1 cell referencing in MS Excel
Creating and using a SFTP connection using ColdFusion
Coldfusion 10 IIS 7.5 - Getting 404 even though file exists
May - 2013
CFObjective 2013 Lightning Talks
Reset Subversion User Password
ColdFusion SOLR Collections Stop Working
March - 2013
Survey -Developers Views on Mobile
Copying Data Between Tables Using Insert Into Select or Select Into
Per Application Custom Tag Directories
January - 2013
Changing The Compatibility Level Of A SQL Server Database
Using The Hosts File
Get Selected Value(s) From An Option List With JQuery
Securing the Coldfusion/Railo Administrator in IIS
The Chain Of Obedience
Connect Apache HTTPD To Railo On Windows
November - 2012
Prevent SQL Server Rounding To An Integer When Dividing
Happy Thanksgiving
Still Taking Some Time Off
September - 2012
Walmart - How We All Pay For Low Prices
Calculate Week Numbers From A Base Day
Who The Hell Is Electing These People?
Find The Date Of The First Instance Of A Weekday In A Month
Testing Email Without Spamming Your Customers
Who Is Really In Charge?
Shortening A Url And Getting A QR Code With
Identifying Old Blog Entries
July - 2012
Ditching Google - Blocking Tracking With The Hosts File
Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine 2009
Enable Gzip Compression In Apache HTTPD With Mod_Deflate
Dangerous Idealism
Triggering CFForm Validation When Using Ajax
My Answer To All The New ACTA PIPA SOPA Laws
How To Install ANT-Contrib
Peter Schiff On Ben Bernanke's Mistakes Over Last 3 Years
Setting Session Cookies Secure In ColdFusion
May - 2012
Install Windows Font on Slackware Linux To Fix Railo Captcha
Slackware 13.37 Post Install Configuration
Advanced ColdFusion Session Management
Install Flash Plugin In Firefox On Slackware
How To Fix LILO
March - 2012
How To Get MangoBlog Working On Railo
TightVNC over SSH on Slackware 13
Book Review: Railo 3 Beginners Guide
January - 2012
10 Reasons Why You Should Attend The OpenCF Summit
Im Ditching Google - Why Dont You Join Me
Inserting Multiple Rows With A Single SQL Statement
Determining The Size Of A SOAP Request With ColdFusion
Using CFTry To Log A Failed CFTransaction
November - 2011
HTMLCodeFormat Difference Between Adobe CF and Railo
Creating A Site Search Function With CFSearch
Converting A Query Row Into A Structure
August - 2011
Irishmen rise up
Configure VSFTPD on Slackware Linux
June - 2011
Understanding The Different CFC Instantiation Behaviours
Dont Call Us PIIGS
Be Careful With ColdFusion Date Validation
CF9 CF8 Railo Multiserver Install Under JRUN
Your Privacy vs Technology
How To Install CouchDB On Slackware
Fixing Retweet.js
Programmers Put Down The Keyboard
How To Create A Virtual CFIDE Directory Mapping In Apache
April - 2011
Just Ship It
How to create a dsn-less database connection in Coldfusion
Configure Subversion with Apache on Slackware 13
New Projects Section and StringDiff
MySQL Case Sensitivity Differences Between Linux and Windows
Protecting your content and bandwidth
February - 2011
Configuring MySQL on Slackware
Fixing the Slackware KDE4 Screen Resolution Issue
Posting to Twitter from Coldfusion using Twitter4j
Extract RPM or DEB packages in Slackware
December - 2010
Writing a Robots.txt file
JQuery Count Characters
URL Shortening with Coldfusion and
October - 2010
Monitoring the Coldfusion JVM
ColdFusion - Expiring Sessions on Logout
Coldfusion 9 cfcache behaviour change
Creating per instance jvm.config files for ColdFusion
Getting mod_rewrite to work on Godaddy