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If you are trying to connect to the paypal api with ColdFusion 7 & IIS6 you may be experiencing a "connection failure" message. This is most likely caused by a Verisign Root SSL update in September 2009. Fortunately this is easy to fix. CF8+ is not affected.

For more information a description of the ssl update can be found at

Step 1: Download Root Certificates

Download the roots cert package and extract it your desktop.

Navigate to "{extracted folder}\VeriSign Root Certificates\Generation 2 (G2) PCAs" and copy "Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G2.cer" to your "C" drive and rename it to "vs-g2-import.cer"

Step 2: Run the Coldfusion Keytool

Next we open a command prompt and running the following commands, replacing the relevent drive letters.

For Coldfusion 7 Standard

>CD c:\CFusionMX7\runtime\jre\bin
>keytool.exe -import -keystore C:\CFusionMX7\runtime\jre\lib\security\cacerts -storepass changeit -noprompt -trustcacerts -file C:\vs-g2-import.cer -alias vs-g2-import-09-09-30

For Coldfusion 7 Enterprise

>CD c:\jrun4\jre\bin\
>keytool.exe -import -keystore C:\jrun4\jre\lib\security\cacerts -storepass changeit -noprompt -trustcacerts -file C:\vs-g2-import.cer -alias vs-g2-import-09-09-30

Step 3: Restart and Test

At this stage all we need to do is to restart coldfusion.
"Control Panel" -> "Administrator Tools" -> "Services"
> select Coldfusion 7 and restart.

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