CF9 CF8 Railo Multiserver Install Under JRUN

Author: Steven Neiland

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As time goes by more and more often I find myself developing on different versions of ColdFusion and even on different CFML Engines such as Railo. To make cross engine testing easier I recently configured my development environment with Adobe CF8 & CF9 with Railo all running on a JRUN multiserver setup on windows.

Here I will detail the steps I took to configure this.

Step 1: Download the Install Files

The first step in creating this setup is to get all the versions of Adobe ColdFusion we want to install.

Download Adobe ColdFusion

Download CF9 Here

Download CF8 Here

Download CF7 Here

Download Railo

When you go to download Railo you do not want the installer package. Instead you want to get the WAR file.

Step 2:Install CF9 in Multiserver Configuration

For this setup we will use JRUN as the servlet engine. The easiest way to do this is to install ColdFusion 9 in multiserver configuration. To do this download the CF9 installer (link above) and run the installer. When you get to the "installer configuration" screen select "MultiServer" and continue as normal.

Install patches

At this stage you should download and install all the patches for cf9 to the server. This means we are going forward with the most secure configuration.

Step 3: Create a CF9 Instance

Once the patches are installed open the instance manager and create an instance for cf9. As we are using a fully patched CF9 install all the applied cf9 patches will be replicated to create this instance.

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