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Step 4: Install CF8 as a J2EE EAR


Unlike when we created the CF9 instance, in order to create a CF8 instance we need a WAR file or an EAR file. To create this file, run the ColdFusion 8 installer. When you get to the "Installer Configuration" screen as before, select "J2EE Configuration". Complete the setup and save the created the WAR/EAR file.

Now that the file is create, go back into the main ColdFusion administrator and create a new instance. This time we name it CF8 and specify the EAR/WAR file we just created.

Step 5: Install Railo


Unlike ColdFusion, you can download the Railo WAR file directly from the website. Simply download the WAR file and save it. Then repeat the process of creating an instance through the ColdFusion administrator.

Step 6: Access the Instances Administrator Panels


At this stage we have all three CFML engines running so the next step is to configure them as we need. We can access the admin panels for CF9 and CF8 instances directly from the root administrator or we can type the path in directly. For reference here are the paths for my configuration.

ColdFusion Admin Urls

  • Root:
  • CF9:
  • CF8:

Accessing Railos Admin

As Railo uses a different path structure to access its administrator you will get an error if you try to access its administrator from the instances list. Also Railo has two admin panels Server and Web.

The Server admin which is a global administrator similar to ColdFusions admin. The Web admin is a per context administrator which normally allows for each site to have its own unique configuration, however because we are using JRUN we can only have one context for railo (as thats all jrun can handle per instance.

In order to get onto the Railo admin panels use these urls.

  • Railo Server Admin:
  • Railo Web Admin:
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