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Step 9: Connect Sites To Instances


To connect the created sites follow the following step.

  1. Open the JRUN folder and run the webservice configuration tool located there. On my machine this was located at "C:\JRun4\bin\wsconfig.exe".
  2. Click Add
  3. Enter your JRUN host. This should be your desired site/vhost.
  4. Select your JRUN server. This is where we choose the actual cfml instance we want to run for this server.
  5. Select your webserver (IIS or apache)

Step 9 Alternative: Apache

While the above should work for apache, I have had issues. So as an alternative here are the steps to manually connect Apache.

  1. Open the jrun administrator and supply the username and password you setup for the root ColdFusion administrator.
  2. Note down the proxy port of the instance you want to use for a particular vhost
  3. Open your vhosts file and add the following line to the desired vhost substituting the proxy port from the jrun administrator
<VirtualHost *:80>
JRunConfig Bootstrap

In Conclusion

Ok folks so there you have it. Mutliple cfml engines running on one machine using JRUN.

Note that there are many permutations of this configuration, and that this is only how I do it. In addition CF10 will run on Tomcat so you may want to consider switching to that now.

Hope this helps.

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