Charting and captcha tags do not work on new ColdFusion 10 install

Author: Steven Neiland

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Every time I setup a new ColdFusion 10 server I have to look this up so I am writing this down as a reminder to myself.

Missing GraphData.cfm file breaks charting

If the graphic generation tags do not work (for example <cfchart> or <cfimage action="captcha">&) on a new ColdFusion install the first thing to check is if "GraphData.cfm" exists in the CFIDE directory. For some reason this file may not be created during the install process.

ColdFusion needs this file to exist or the charting breaks. Why it needs it is a mystery to me since the file itself is blank. In any case to fix the problem we just create a blank file in the CFIDE directory and name it "GraphData.cfm".

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