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Hook into cfcompile

As a final improvement you can modify the cfcompile.bat file to do this itself and do away with the seperate batch file altogether. Open the cfcompile.bat for editing and search for the following line of code.

%JAVACMD% -cp "%J2EEJAR%;%WEBINF%\lib\cfmx_bootstrap.jar;%WEBINF%\lib\cfx.jar" -Dcoldfusion.classPath=%CFUSION_HOME%/lib/updates,%CFUSION_HOME%/lib -Dcoldfusion.libPath=%CFUSION_HOME%/lib Compiler -webinf %WEBINF% -webroot %webroot% -cfroot %CFUSION_HOME% -d -srcdir %srcdir% -deploydir %deploydir%

Immediately afterwards append the following lines and save. Now the cfcompile file will recopy our xml.cfm files to deployment in their original form. You can now delete the fuseboxCompileFIx.bat file.

::Added by steven to handle fusebox config xml files
echo Recopying fuseboxconfig xml.cfm files to deployment directory
xcopy /s /y "%srcdir%\*.appinit.cfm" %deploydir%
xcopy /s /y "%srcdir%\*.init.cfm" %deploydir%
xcopy /s /y "%srcdir%\* xml.cfm" %deploydir%

And there you have it, precompiled cfml code in the fusebox framework. Enjoy!

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