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Step 4: Create a rewrite rule

At this stage if you go to http://yourdomain/sitemap.cfm you should see an xml file listing your url nodes. You could submit this to search engines as is but I prefer to hide that the file is dynamic by using this apache rewrite rule. (IIS has a similar url rewrite capability)

RewriteRule ^sitemap xml/?$ sitemap.cfm [L,NC]

So thats all there is to it. Now whenever googlebot crawls your site it will find an accurate up to date sitemap xml file.

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David Tananbaum's Gravatar
David Tananbaum
Friday, December 18, 2015 at 3:37:43 PM EST

Are you available for assignment to redefine out sitemap code for the website as listed above?

David Tananbaum, Pesident
AtPrime media Services

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