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Author: Steven Neiland

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This is my first blog entry on my site. The design is of the site is still very raw at the moment but its starting to get there. The main parts of the blogging system are up though.

Over the next few months I will be refining this site and the blog and posting as I go.

For anybody who is wondering, I am aware of the different blogging sotware packages available out there but I have a couple of reasons why I am writing my own.

  1. As a software developer I prefer to write my own code for personal projects. Now if it was a paying job I would not go reinventing the wheel.
  2. The software wont run on my server. I design and develop in Coldfusion so I made the decision to write my personal site in Coldfusion. This rules out most of the blogging packages out there as they require php or asp on the server.
  3. I dont like the blog software I have seen. The couple of CF powered blogs I have seen do not work for me. This is actually one of my pet peeves. I hate the navigation on many blogs out there. You either have to select a specific date to get the blog entry, or select a subject to search on, or in some cases you dont get any search facilities at all. I think I can do better.
  4. I'm curious. Plain and simple I want to see whats involved in replicating existing blogging software, as much as it meets my needs right now.

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