Fixing Retweet.js

Author: Steven Neiland

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I love twitter but today I was less than pleased when I realized that twitter had broken the retweet button I use on my blog in order to get everyone using their own brand tweet button. Not only that, they also force the use of their own url shortening service instead of using your own.

I Dont Like Bullies

Now I was going to bite the bullet and just use their button but after thinking about it I decided that this was a bit of a bullying tactic ... and I don't like being bullied. So this evening I went about fixing John Resig's retweet.js code to work with the new api. Unfortunately twitter forces you to use their shortener but because I am stubborn I will continue to use bitly to shorten my url and then if twitter shortens the short url then so be it.

Download it

For anyone who is interested here is the new Retweet.js code.

For instructions on how to use it I suggest you visit its creator John Resig's Site.

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