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Step 6: Close the Connection

Finally we need to remember to close the connection to the database to free up resources.

<!--- Close the connection --->
<cfset connection.Close()>

Complete Code

So there we have it. A simple way to connect to a database from Coldfusion without creating a datasource. For reference the complete code is below, you will obviously need to put in error handling.

<!--- Load the database driver using java class loader --->
<cfset classLoader = createObject("java", "java.lang.Class")>
<cfset classLoader.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver")>

<!--- Create a driver manager instance --->
<cfset driverManager = createObject("java","java sql.DriverManager")>

<!--- Create the connection to the DB --->
<cfset connection = driverManager.getConnection(

<!---Create a connection statement and run our query string --->
<cfset statement = connection.createStatement()>      
<cfset resultSet = statement.ExecuteQuery("SELECT * FROM testtable")>

<!---Convert the resultset into a coldfusion query object --->
<cfset queryObj = createObject("java", "coldfusion sql.QueryTable").init(resultSet)>

<!--- Close the connection --->
<cfset connection.Close()>
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