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So this weekend I was playing around with different configurations for installing Linux and Windows. Well somewhere along the line I managed to break lilo. Fortunately fixing it was not that hard. Here are the steps I followed to fix it.

Steps To Fix Lilo

To get started first insert your Slackware install disk and boot up your machine. When you boot up just select he defaults. Once the machine is booted up run the following commands.

Note: My system was installed to "/dev/sda1". You may have to modify there commands to suit your configuration.

//Create A Temporary Directory mkdir /foo //Mount the drive the system is installed to, to the created temp directory mount /dev/sda1 /foo //mount bind the proc/sys/dev folders mount --bind /proc /foo/proc mount --bind /sys /foo/sys mount --bind /dev /foo/dev //Change Apparent Root To The Mounted Temp Directory chroot foo //Now we edit the lilo conf file vi /etc/lilo.conf //Reinstall the boot loaded lilo //Exit the command screen exit

With these commands run you should now be able to reboot your system and have Lilo working correctly.

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