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Set Java in Startup script

As we are using the "without-jre" jar file we need to configure Railo to find java. To do this we edit the railo start script "/opt/railo/bin/" and set the java path directive "java=java" line to read as follows.

#comment out this

#and add this where ${JAVA_HOME} points to /usr/lib/java in slackware

Test Railo

At this stage we have Railo installed and we can test it running. First we chown railo so that our user owns it. Then we execute the file.

chown -R {your username} railo

Open a web browser and goto "http://{yourLinuxBox}:8600/". At this stage if everything went well we should see a webpage with some dump information and a link to the admin page.

Configure the Apache Connector

The next step is very easy, all we need are need two paths. The first is the path to java which we can find by simply calling echo on the JAVA_HOME variable, the second is the path to apxs which on slackware is "/usr/sbin/apxs2".

We cd into the railo directory and run the configure command passing in our two required paths. Finally we call "make" and "make install".

cd /opt/railo
./configure --with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs --with-java-home=/usr/lib/java
make install
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