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Anyone who visits my blog on a regular basis will have noticed a few changes to it this week. While it wont win any awards I think its an improvement.


For anyone interested here are a few of the changes made.

New Design And Colour Scheme

Being slightly colour blind I will never be a designer but even I could tell that the old colours were not too easy on the eyes. So to improve things I added a nice image of a landmark from home and changed all the red bars to a more neutral blue.


This is something I have been planning a very long time. Finally the forms have some style rules.

jQuery Footer

The more observant will notice that the site footer is no longer a simple strip of blue. It is now a clickable accordian. For anyone with javascript disabled it fails over to a css hover effect. Go on try it.

JQuery Mobile

This is probably the biggest change for end users. If you visit the website now from a mobile device you now get a dedicated jQueryMobile layout. Better late than never :-)


While I am not currently using it, I did update the main layout template to the html5 doctype. In the future I plan to introduce more html5 into my code.

Fusebox5 -> FW1

This wont be visible to end users but my more technical visitors will appreciate this. This site now runs on Sean Corfields FW1.

During this change I rewrote nearly every single major section to bring my code up to current standards including. All my spaghetti code has been replaced with MVC separation layers and the procedural methodologies I employed have been replaced with Object Orientated methodologies.

Future Changes

As with all websites there is always more to do. My future plans for this site include:

  • More testing and bedding in of the new code.
  • New code colouring for sql code blocks
  • Creating an image gallery
  • HTML5 design components
  • More jQuery
  • More refinement of the styling

So here it is. I hope everyone likes the new look.

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