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Just a collection of random thoughts I have had over the last year on the concept of belief and critical thinking.

I respect that you have different beliefs to mine, but I cannot respect you when you dismiss my beliefs out of hand because you have a closed mind.
I'm not wrong because you *believe* differently. Emotion and belief does not change reality. Use logic, fact and *reason* to prove me wrong.
If you logically factually prove me wrong then I'll happily concede the argument...but I will never bow to unthinking unquestioning belief.
Even if something sounds crazy don't dismiss it out of hand. Remember only a few generations ago you were crazy if you said the earth was round.
On the other hand don't believe everything you hear either. Keep an open *and* critical mind to all ideas.
In order to see the big picture you have to look at it from multiple points of view.

Most of these came from my own twitter feed so they are obviously length limited (I did fix some typos but not the content).

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