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Author: Steven Neiland

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I was going back over my blog entries last weekend and I noticed a trend. It appears that I publish the vast majority of my blog entries about technical subjects on a Tuesday while blog entries covering non-technical subjects such as economics and politics have been published on a Thursday.

Formalizing My Publication Schedule

This was unintentional and I have on occasion deviated from this pattern, but I find that I like the idea of making my publication schedule predictable. So from this week on I am going to make this one of my personal publication guidelines, any technical entries will be published on Tuesdays and anything that gets people thinking about the world around them such as videos on economics or articles about politics will go out on a Thursday.

When I have time I will also create dedicated feeds for these rules.

First Thinking Thursday

To kick this off here is a 15 minute video of Dr. Michael Burry's UCLA commencement speech, where he explains how he was able to see the 2008 financial disaster coming and what he see's coming next.

Dr. Michael "The Big Short" Burry's "Brutal Hangover Is Inevitable" State-Of-The-World UCLA Commencement Speech

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