The Chain Of Obedience

Author: Steven Neiland

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I saw this comment on the web recently and when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

The problem is not the chain of command, the problem is the chain of obedience.

Today there are so many problem in the world that sometimes it is easier to put your head down and try ignore it all. Then when things become so bad we say, is the boss's fault, its the governments fault, that the problem is in the chain of command.

This is a false argument. The problem is not in the chain of command, the problem is in the chain of obedience. If we all simply ignored the unjust laws politicians made, laughed when they demand a portion of what we earn to waste on bailing out failed banks and corporations...what could they do?

And yet we don't. We have been conditioned to obey. To accept that whatever our leaders say we must do.

But yet in truth they have no more power than what we give them. They are not supposed to be our rulers, they are supposed to be servants *we* command to administer our country. Yet we have forgotten this fact and allowed our servants to become our masters.

From childhood we have been conditioned to obey the system and not question it. Now though it is becoming obvious that the system is broken, it has been perverted from a democracy into oppression.

In the end it is not the military or police or politicians who we have to fear taking away our freedoms. It is those around us, the conditioned masses, our friends, family and coworkers who will blindly, willingly, even happily obey an immoral unjust system.

If though we can break this conditioning. If we can wake people up to the true reality that we have a choice to do what is right, rather than what is ordered...maybe we have a chance.

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