The Greatest Speech Ever Made

Author: Steven Neiland

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I was going to post a tech article today, but knowing what is about to happen in Europe to the people of once proud sovereign countries I don't have the heart for technology today.

So instead, for everyone in Europe, America, Asia, Africa indeed for whole world I give you the greatest speech you will probably ever hear.

The Great Dictator

Final Thought

This speech both uplifts me and saddens me. It may have been in a movie...but the truth of his words are so fitting for our world today that I wonder did he dream of where we were heading. Or maybe mankind has reached a stage where the evils of the past are simply replaying all over again... I pray they are not, but I fear they are.

To my family and friends wherever you are in the world. I ask you only this. Question, question what is said and who says it. Think for yourself, do not blindly follow leaders who have shown themselves to be corrupt and dishonest. Mankind can be better than what we have been reduced to, but only if we stop and question the path laid before us by those in power.

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