We Have Replaced Everything

Author: Steven Neiland

With the state of the world right now I don't feel motivated to post about technology today. You would think that in the year 2020 humanity would have moved forward, risen above our baser instincts and be striving to better the world for everyone.

Instead we have made an art form out of fucking shit up. This is the world we leave for the next generation , a world where we have replaced everything of value.

Justice With Law,
Courage With Fear,
Hope With Despair,
Peace With War.

Saving With Credit,
Democracy With Corporatism,
Charity With Selfishness,
Freedom With Slavery.

Creation With Destruction,
Education With Indoctrination,
Intellect With Stupidity,
Exceptionalism With Mediocrity.

Common Sense With Bureaucracy,
Journalism With Entertainment,
Truth With Spin,
Integrity With Power.

Trees With Concrete,
Water With Soft Drinks,
Food With Chemicals,
Air With Smog.

and of course

Being Famous For Doing Great Things With Being Famous For Being Famous

What Do You Think?

Reader Comments

cade's Gravatar
Friday, June 26, 2020 at 12:46:26 AM EDT

Thanks. So true. The world is shifting away from domination and power over to sharing power/shared decision-making/power to/power with/ empowerment/ justice/transparency/true enlightenment and dropping the veils/lies, seeing the truth and reality but there are forces of denial, domination/power over, sadistic forces who do not care about humanity, only their own greed, power, narcissism and will use whatever tools, wealth, levers of power they can to overwhelm what will eventually not be denied: liberation with compassion, empathy, understanding, shared power, shared decisionmakeing, concern for the well being of humanity. thank you

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