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A few weeks ago I needed to modify a list to wrap each list element with single quotes. Normally you would do this when outputting the data in a view but in this case that was not an option.

I was about to write a function to to this when I decided to take a chance that someone had already written this for me. A quick google later and I discovered that ColdFusion has a builtin function for exactly this purpose named "listQualify()".


unqualifiedList = "dog,cat,bird,pig";
qualifiedList = listQualify(unqualifiedList, "'");
unqualifiedList: dog,cat,bird,pig
qualifiedList: 'dog','cat','bird','pig'

It seems even after all these years I am still learning new things about cfml.

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sathya's Gravatar
Friday, May 15, 2015 at 7:45:57 AM EDT

how to insert multiple rows into single sql server

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