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Author: Steven Neiland

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So I have a confession to make.

About a year ago I broke this blog, and broke it badly. In the process of switching things around between virtual box images and a new computer I accidentally deployed some database changes from my dev branch which foobar'd the blog. After a couple of hours I was able to get the public side up and running again but my ability to edit and post new articles was completely fucked. And it remained fucked as life and a new job took priority over finishing and deploying the in dev code.

Well for some unknown reason I suddenly have a lot more time on the weekends to work on things, so last weekend I put my head down and finished the rewrite. So here is my newly redesigned and updated blog.

For anybody curious here is a brief list of the changes made.

  1. Upgrade from FW/1 v3 to v4.3.0
  2. Convert from vanilla css to Bootstrap 4
  3. Removed the old jquery-mobile views in favor of bootstraps responsive layout
  4. Rewrote all controllers and services to script
  5. Updated the engine from Railo to Lucee 5

There are still some places where things are a little rough but I believe in not letting perfection be the enemy of good. Also at some point down the line I intend to redeploy to a newer more powerful server (currently sitting in pieces on my work bench), but for now I'm back up and running which is all that counts.

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Matthew's Gravatar
Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 9:03:35 PM Coordinated Universal Time

Awesome Steven, looks good! Congrats on the updated blog. Looking forward to more posts in the future!

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