Change the port number FusionReactor 5 Administrator listens on

Author: Steven Neiland

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If you need to change the port number that a particular server instance listens on it is a simple task from the instance manager inside of the administration manager FRAM. What though if you want to change the port that FRAM itself listens on?

I recently had to do this after learning about a new requirement on our load balancer in work that precluded the use of port 8087 on the servers for other services such as FusionReactor. Since FR was already installed and I didnt want to have to spend time uninstalling/reinstalling/reconfiguring I decided to see if there was a simple way to just change the port number.

The Solution

After about an hour of googling and reading forums I could not find an answer that applied to FusionReactor 5 and I finally just started trying to open files and digging around. The solution turns out to be pretty easy.

Using notepad open and edit this file "FusionReactor AM Service.vmoptions" located at:

{FusionReactor install folder}\instance\FRAM\FusionReactor AM Service.vmoptions

Inside this file search for and edit this block of text replacing the value with the port number you want FRAM to listen on.


Save your change and restart FusionReactor.

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